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Children Get Special Treatment

Treatment for children is appropriate to their size and needs. Spinal adjustments for children are different from adjustments for adults. Your chiropractor places very gentle pressure on the spine of children to correct problems and help allow the spine to develop properly. As with adults, your child should feel little or no discomfort. Children usually respond quickly to light adjustments and other chiropractic treatment. These might include exercises designed to help your child develop strong muscles, along with instruction in good nutrition, posture and sleeping habits. We also see babies shortly after birth to assess and correct issues related to birth trauma and intrauterine constraint.  Children are recommended to get periodic chiropractic check-ups to ensure proper development and function, particularly if they experience any "impact events", carry heavy backpacks, or sit with slumped postue.  It is much more difficult to undo all the compensations of adults that occurred while they were young!!

How Treatment is Determined

Your doctor of chiropractic will ask you questions about your child's birth and development. Did anything unusual occur during the birth? At what age did your child begin to crawl, stand, walk? Any serious falls or injuries? An examination will then determine if your child's posture and movements are proper. Reflexes and range-of-motion will be checked, along with any unusual curvature of the spine which could suggest possible scoliosis. The size shape and motion of the cranial bones are also assesed and then if needed, corrected with gentle cranial therapy.  If needed, your doctor of chiropractic will refer your child to another specialist, such as a pediatrician.

See www.icpa4kids.org for more information on chiropractic for pregnancy and children.