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Sachin Hazen, Psychotherapist

The most impactful period of my life was the five years I spent at Kripalu Ashram [1989-95].  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in a spiritual community where personal growth and spiritual development were prioritized over all else.  We were very successful operating a large beautiful yoga and health center, hosting 300+ guests a night.  For a while we worked 6 and a half days a week; yet work stopped if there was an issue to be dealt with.  Love, insight, consciousness were our values.  We developed presence:  compassionate, loving, intelligent.


Other significant biographical information:

  •  cum laude Phi Beta Kappa Wesleyan University (CT)
  •  2004-present psychotherapist, hypnotherapist CT, NYC, Maui
  •  studied with and worked closely with prominent body-centered psychotherapists, Cia Ricco and the late Douglas Brady
  • eight years worked with prominent Jungian analyst Richard C. Lewis, Director Jungian Institute NYC
  • developed powerful healing modality, SpiritFire, while on residential staff at Kripalu
  • certified, massage therapy and rebirthing
  • studied and worked at Boston Institute for Social Therapy and Research




To schedule a session with Sachin or for questions, call him directly at 808 495 5837.