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Katie Campochiaro, BFP

Katie Campochiaro is a Bach Flower Practitioner who has been trained by the Bach International Education Program, the only courses in North America approved by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation.

Her path to natural healing began innocently enough as she sought a way to shed some unwanted pounds and balance her body physically. After many diets and many failures she saw her body only become exhausted, heavier, and more imbalanced. Through much research she finally learned that to find true health and wellness an approach that treated her individual health and body requirements was the only way to become balanced. The best way to achieve this was through a more holistic approach. She enrolled in the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Colorado, where she is still studying to become a Master Nutritional Therapist.

Through her studies, her interest in complementary medicine was ignited. The need for employment led her to the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center where she found a home as a study assistant. This opened up a new door to understanding the world of science and medicine. Part of Katie's role was to manage the adjacent Integrative Medicine Center. Here is where she saw the real world application of joining traditional medicine with the undeniable benefits of natural medicine. Having the unique opportunity to have a dual role in research and observation of hands on medicine allowed Katie to work alongside scientists, doctors, naturopaths, and healers of all kinds. She seized every opportunity possible to ask questions and gain knowledge to satisfy her growing curiosity. It was during this time that she was introduced to Bach Flower Remedies.

Needing to know more about the healing abilities of these flower essences, she began to take studies in earnest. After the birth of her son, and witnessing the powerful healing properties of Bach Flower Remedies on herself, her family and others, she decided to take the next step in her path and begin sharing the remedies with others as a practitioner. Now she finds great joy and satisfaction watching her clients reach inner peace and harmony through the skills she's acquired and the remedies she has learned so much about. The many roles she has taken throughout her journey and the friendships she has made along the way have given Katie the precious ability to be a truly balanced and insightful healer.

Katie Campochiaro is a member of the International Association of Integrative Medicine and the Naugatuck Holistic Health and Lifestyle Initiative.

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